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Universal links (see examples below) will open directly in ArtistInfo for iOS if installed on your device. Otherwise the link will open as Web page provided by ArtistInfo for Web.

Universal Links to Artists
John Mayer
 g, voc, *1977 US
Radiohead Band, UK
Taylor Swift voc, US
Pat Metheny g, *1954 US
Herbie Hancock p, key, *1940 US
Sol Gabetta vc, *1981

Universal Links to Albums
John Mayer - Battle Studies
John Coltrane - Impressions 1963
Sol Gabetta - Cantabile 2008
John Lee Hooker - Urban Blues 1967


ArtistInfo for Mac is available for
macOS & OS X 10.9 and later. 

ArtistInfo for iPad & iPhone is
available for iOS 8 and later.



Install ArtistInfo V1.4

  1. Delete pre-installed version
  2. Download newest test release
    (Safari will copy the ArtistInfo app to the Downloads folder)
  3. Move app to Application folder
  4. Start ArtistInfo with Launchpad
  5. Accept dialog at first start-up


Install iTunes Menu

  1. Download AppleScript
    Safari will copy the "ArtistInfo.scpt" to the <Downloads> folder.
  2. Go to <Library/iTunes>
    You reach the <Library> folder in Finder with the Go menu while pressing the "alt" key.
  3. Check for <Scripts> folder
    Create <Scripts> folder if it does not yet exist in <Library/iTunes>.
  4. Move AppleScript
    Move "ArtistInfo.scpt" from <Downloads> to <Scripts> folder.
  5. Menu is Ready to Use
    Start ArtistInfo within iTunes.


Are you a music lover, a fan of bands and musicians, an afi­cio­nado of Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz…? Then ArtistInfo provides you with context information about your favorite artists.

"Who played those groovy bass lines on the album that I am listening to in iTunes?"
"What are the members of that cool band?"
"Which horn player performed that great sax solo on this track?"
"Who composed that song?"
"With whom else has my favorite musician played with?"
"What other albums were released by this guitar player?"

ArtistInfo helps you to find out and to discover the inspiring world of music.


See ArtistInfo for Mac in action!


ArtistInfo for Web visually enhanced
April 2017: New release of ArtistInfo for Web includes visual charts for genres, instruments, band members and discography. Check out 

More content for ArtistInfo
March 2017: Updated Metason database now includes 1.5 Mio artists and 3.8 Mio. albums. 

ArtistInfo for iOS 1.8 with iMessage and Today Extensions
Oct 2016: New release of ArtistInfo for iOS with iMessage extension, Today extension and 3D Touch Quick Actions.  More...

"ArtistInfo is well done, it really enriches my life as music fan.Stevie Heynes


- Browse musicians & bands
- Check album credits
- Look over famous artists
- Discover artists on albums
- See their discographies
- Find recommended albums
- Explore musical genres
- Visualize artist relations
- Listen to discovered songs
- Manage your favorites
- Share with your friends 
- View videos on YouTube
- View musical instruments
- Find upcoming concerts


Relations among Musicians
ArtistInfo for Mac provides a new way to explore the network of musicians established by playing together in bands and on albums. 


Choose each element of the statement list. Vote by selecting a value between "Poor" and "Best" and than push the "Rate" button. You are allowed to vote only once per statement.


Reviews of ArtistInfo in English: 

Reviews of ArtistInfo in German:




Presentation on "ArtistInfo - Motivation and Technical Background" held April 16th, 2014. Download as PDF.


The ArtistNet visualization generated by ArtistInfo for Mac can be exported to stand-alone Web pages. Try out the following examples:

Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny Group
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Brand New Heavies
Peter Erskine
Kenny Wheeler
Michael Bucher
- Michael Gassmann