The Metason Apps and Services

Metason provides apps and Web-based services you can use to enrich your listening experience with ArtistInfo, or to enhance and browse Augmented Reality spaces with ARchi VR.

Get Details about Musicians, Bands, and Albums.

Enrich Your Listening Experience

Are you missing the fascinating information found in CD booklets and on album covers? ArtistInfo brings back album credits and relevant insights about your favorite bands and musicians:
  • Artist names, genres & instruments
  • Band members and album musicians
  • Artist's biography & discography
  • Album comments / liner notes
  • and much more ...

In sync with Apple Music and Spotify

ArtistInfo is listening to your music that is playing in Apple Music, iTunes or Spotify and will automatically collect corresponding information in the background.

Get ArtistInfo

Download ArtistInfo for iOS and for macOS.

Visit ArtistInfo for Web.

Capture Rooms and Explore Augmented Reality Spaces.

From AR to VR in One Minute

By combining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, the ARchi VR app makes it easy to measure rooms and add user-generated content with your mobile iOS device. It can also automatically generate 2D floor plans, 3D models, and VR experiences of scanned rooms.

User-generated AR Content

Augment your captured spaces with markers, zones, text messages, and 3D models from object catalogs. Reopen your own augmented spaces on-site in AR.

Explore Curated AR Content

Share rooms between your iOS devices via iCloud. Download and explore curated AR presentations. Enjoy interactive AR experiences.

Get ARchi VR

Download ARchi VR for iOS.