Metason by Philipp Ackermann

Metason was founded early 2013 in Zurich by Philipp Ackermann. focusing on software development for macOS, iOS, and the web and starting with the the music application ArtistInfo. Philipp is a lecturer for Visual Computing at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences and teaches in 3D computer graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, and digital health technologies.

The development of ARchi VR was started in 2017 as a room capturing app. The name "ARchi" refers to the use of AR in architecture. ARchi VR has since become a more generic AR app for capturing, augmenting, and exploring AR spaces.

Privacy Policy

Metason does NOT collect private data from App users or any user activities and will therefore NOT share such data with third parties.


Metason by Philipp Ackermann
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